Chrome Canyon – Generations

Wow, this is a brilliant video, Amanda Wells, just wow. I want to make a music video just so I can have her in it. Epic track too. This is what the future sounded like, 25 years ago.


Madeaux – Free Tracks

Listen to two gorgeous new tracks and a remix by Madeaux. If you’re not watching the sunset on a warm beach with an ice cold beer in your hand, you might find listening to them a bit upsetting. But they’re free downloads so you can stash them away next to your bikini or speedos for future beach visits. Also, look out for the EP, released 4th Feb.misty sea

The Knife – Full of Fire (short film)

A 10 minute long track might at first seem a little self indulgent, but this is The Knife and we should be more than willing to indulge. Full of Fire is a track that evolves while you listen to it, but it’s also beautifully cohesive. Every component of this track works. There are tons of killer shifts in the baseline and beat (e.g. at around 7:06, and the one that absolutely slays me at around 9:05). There are periods of creepy reverb spread onto an already creepy vocal. The lyrics are both introspective and challenging, and in no small measure, darkly poetic. It’s pretty heavy listening, but perfect, if you’re in the right mood.

And then there is the short film, directed by Feminist porn director Marit Østberg. Filmed in the realm where social norms are abandoned. Where people are weird and unafraid to embrace it. Where gender stereotypes are ignored or twisted. It’s weird and kinda shocking. A finger snap to wake up from the mundane.

Read the director’s statement here.

Can’t feckin wait for this gig.